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Sexual Harassment in the Office

Posted by on Jun 12, 2017 in Employment Law | 0 comments

It is both immoral and illegal to sexually harass a person in the workplace, whether this person is an employee, applicant, visitor, or passerby. In fact, according to the website of the Leichter Law Firm, those who have experienced discrimination, including sexual harassment, in the workplace may have legal options.

But who are the usual suspects for sexual harassment? They can be anyone in the workplace, such as executives, managers, supervisors, co-workers, or even persons who are not from the workplace, like clients and customers. Below are some of the most common ways harassment can take place:

  • Being asked questions that are both too personal and sexual
  • Being the direct receiver of sexual advances, including sexual conversations and intentions
  • Being the direct receiver of sexual gestures, such as catcalling or whistling
  • Being the direct or indirect receiver of sexual messages, either personally or digitally
  • Getting suspiciously excessive physical contact, such as pinching or touching
  • Receiving sexual comments about clothing and body
  • Receiving sexual content, such as nude photos and pornographic videos

Usually, sexual harassment is not a one-time event. Most victims of sexual harassment in the office experience it multiple times, and this can have a negative effect emotionally and psychologically.

This is bad news not just for the victims, but also for the employers. Because if employees have emotional and psychological problems, especially if these problems have risen because of work, they may suffer from productivity issues.

To avoid sexual harassment, employers should make sure that the work environment is not hostile. A hostile work environment is detrimental not just to those who are directly involved in the hostility, in this case the sexual harasser and the harassed, but also to those who are not involved.

The hostile work environment may affect everybody in the workplace, creating a negative atmosphere not conducive for friendliness and productivity, which are too important areas that need to be addressed to ensure the effectiveness of work.

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Hidden Dangers of Cruise Ships

Posted by on Feb 21, 2017 in Cruise Ships | 0 comments

Cruise ships are good places to refresh and relax yourselves. Step away from the hassles of life and enjoy swimming, zip lining, and other activities you can do under the clear blue skies at sea. But cruise ships may also be good places for accidents. The most common accidents on cruise ships involve swimming pools, water slides, defective ship equipment, and negligent security services.

According to the website of the cruise ship injury lawyers at Louis A. Vucci, P.A., injured passengers may be able to pursue compensation from the cruise lines or other parties to help cover their resulting losses. But aside from the accidents mentioned above, there are dangers on cruise ships that are not as obvious.

Dangerous Passengers
You may be safe from defects and malfunctions on the cruise ship equipment, but you are never safe from fellow cruise ship passengers who may pose a danger. It is not uncommon for assaults, and even sexual assaults, to occur on cruise ships. Other petty offenses such as theft may also occur. What makes things worse is that the offenders often remain unidentified.

Unhealthy Food and Drinks
After a lot of fun in the sun, a buffet is waiting for you inside the cruise ship. But the buffet often has food products and beverages that are high on fat, sugar, and other potentially dangerous ingredients when taken in excessive amounts. This can be particularly problematic for those who are health conscious and those that have medical conditions that require a limited diet.

Unfavorable Weather Conditions
It is all fun and games until weather conditions don’t cooperate. Rains, winds, and waves are not known to be very gentle, especially during storms. Cruise ships, in general, may have the capability to withstand these powerful elements. But they also have the tendency to shake, dangerously moving furniture and other objects that may cause injuries. Unfavorable weather conditions can also make passengers dizzy and vomit.

Sunburns are not exclusive for cruise ship passengers, as they can also be sustained by those on the beach. But it doesn’t change the fact that they can be dangerous to the skin and can cause burning and melanoma. To prevent such complications, it is best to apply sunblock.

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Receiving Workers’ Compensation After an Injury in the Workplace

Posted by on Oct 13, 2016 in Workers' Comp | 0 comments

The workplace can be dangerous for people working in high-risk industries such as construction, manufacturing, and transportation. Accidents can happen at any time in these high-risk environments, and these accidents can lead to injuries that could affect workers’ ability to earn an income. Data from the Occupational Safety & Health Administration shows that over 2.9 million cases of workplace injuries have been reported in the private industry sector for the year 2013. The most common causes for these injuries include accidents like slipping, tripping or falling caused by certain hazards, falling from significant heights, toxic exposure, and incidents caused by malfunctioning equipment or heavy machinery.

According to Raleigh workers’ compensation lawyers of Scudder & Hedrick, PLLC, the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 is meant to protect workers from these situations by mandating that employers should have specific safety protocols in place. Despite such precautions, however, there’s still no guarantee that all workplace accidents can be prevented. As such, the need for other options that will advocate for workers’ safety and welfare is extremely important.

When workplace accidents lead to injuries such as fractures, contusions, burns, and even major trauma, workers are entitled to pursue compensation benefits that can help alleviate the damage caused by the incident in question. As one can easily imagine, workers injured on the job will need time off from work to receive proper medical attention. Recovery time can also take a long time, leaving them unable to earn a living for the time being. Pursuing workers’ compensation is among the many options available for individuals in this situation. Through the assistance of an experienced legal professional, individuals injured in their workplace can file to receive workers’ compensation. Working with a qualified attorney will help individuals in navigating this often complicated process smoothly in order to receive the benefits they are owed as quickly as possible.

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Through Free Online Car Insurance Quotes, Expensive Insurance Policies Should No Longer be a Worry

Posted by on Jun 25, 2016 in Insurance | 0 comments

Records from the Insurance Research Council, an independent, nonprofit research organization, show that at least than 29 million drivers in the U.S. drive without insurance. Carrying car liability insurance is mandated in all U.S. states, except in New Hampshire where there is no such mandate and drivers may just deposit securities or money with the state treasurer as an alternative to purchasing a car insurance policy.

Proof that they have car liability insurance is required of drivers whenever they: renew their driver’s license; register their car; get pulled over by a police officer; or cause an accident. Failure to prove that they are covered can result to suspension of their driver’s license and driving privileges and may be required by the court to file an SR-22, which usually lasts for three years and require an additional fee on top of the insurance premiums that drivers need to pay.

Car insurance companies, however, add in too many factors that make car insurance policies too expensive for millions of drivers. Factors such as age, driving experience, the type of car driven, number of miles traveled in a year, distance from residence to workplace, past traffic violations, and so forth, are things that can affect cost of insurance premium. In fact, millions of drivers and car owners are actually paying premiums that are twice as much as what they need to pay. And while there are firms that offer possible reductions in premium cost, drivers will never be informed about these unless they ask or press their agents to have their premium reduced.

Drivers and car owners can have good insurance deals though, without having to pay more than they should. Free online car insurance quotes are provided by law firms like Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ®, which offer as many as a dozen quotes, to allow drivers to compare and find the best, yet cheapest policies. There is no easier, faster and more convenient way to compare insurance quotes and shop for one than by going online and allowing your chosen firm to assist you in all the procedures of finally getting insured.

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The Least Obvious Causes of Car Accidents

Posted by on Feb 11, 2016 in Drunk Driving | 0 comments

According to the website of the legal team at Crowe & Mulvey, LLP, vehicular accidents affect millions of people in the United States every year. In fact, a statistics provided by the Association for Safe International Travel revealed that 2.35 million are left injured or disabled following a road crash annually, and approximately 37,000 people are killed. Along with the growing need for the use of automobiles in our everyday lives comes the doubling of the risk and danger to the safety of the people. We are all aware of the most common causes of car accidents—drunkenness, distractions, speeding, recklessness, and overall negligence. So, what about the least obvious factors that contributes to a crash?

When it comes to weather conditions, black ice, or clear ice, proves to be dangerous to drivers on the road. Black ice is the presence of a thin coat of ice on the road. While it isn’t colored black, the transparency of the ice often tricks the naked eye, and drivers mistake it for black road. Its invisibility may lead to the skidding of the vehicle due to the loss of force, and it may eventually lead to an accident.

Another less obvious cause of a car accident is potholes. When a vehicle drives over a pothole, there is a tendency of losing control because of the sudden change in the movement. The tires may also be torn apart when driving over potholes.

The lack of anticipation is also a problem for drivers. Knowledgeable drivers should always be anticipative of multiple vehicles in front and at the back. The focus should not solely be on the vehicle in front, since there may be cases where adjustments should be made. For example, a vehicle, which is two cars away from yours, made an abrupt stop and the cars behind it were tailgating. Now, those three cars have higher chance of crashing onto each other, but if one is anticipative and observant, it provides more time (even a few seconds) to think about the situation and what to do next in order to avoid an accident.

Needless to say, there are many other factors that lead to car accidents. More often than not, there is always someone at fault, and if you find yourself in a similar situation, it might be best to seek the help of a personal injury lawyer.

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