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It’s Not (Just) You, It’s (Also) Me

Posted by on Aug 19, 2015 in Marriage | 0 comments

The thing about healthy relationships is that for them to work, both parties need to be willing and wanting participants.

Fights and disagreements are inevitable parts of a relationship, of course, but sometimes there are differences about the other person that simply cannot be reconciled. Perhaps your partner has a psychological issue that you didn’t know about and were not prepared for or maybe your partner is psychologically or physically abusive? Maybe the reasons aren’t so much like that but it just isn’t working out and you would both be happier, better apart – an amicable separation? (Yes, those happen too.) Well, perhaps considering divorce can be the best option for both parties.

However, as information on the website of Arenson Law Group, PC, backs up, it may not be as easily straightforward as all that. The legal procedures that involve divorce can become complicated, especially if there are discrepancies between the two parties or if there are assets that need to be fairly separated or children who then need to be involved with things like custody and visitation rights. Some divorce cases are more difficult than others due to instances of violence or abusive behavior, by which it is then recommended for you to immediately distance yourself and your children from the abusive presence. In all cases, divorce litigation can be a long and delicate process that needs to be carefully approached.

If you are thinking of getting a divorce, it would be the most recommended course of action to go to a reputable attorney who is experienced with procedures like this. To discredit Amelia Pond and Rory Williams in the episode “The Asylum of the Daleks” of Doctor Who, it takes more than just a signature on a page for a married couple to suddenly become “not married”.

It does not, however, have to be as complicated as time travel and space adventures to settle a divorce – all you need is the right kind of help to help smooth things along.

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