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Hidden Dangers of Cruise Ships

Cruise ships are good places to refresh and relax yourselves. Step away from the hassles of life and enjoy swimming, zip lining, and other activities you can do under the clear blue skies at sea. But cruise ships may also be good places for accidents. The most common accidents on cruise ships involve swimming pools, water slides, defective ship equipment, and negligent security services.

According to the website of the cruise ship injury lawyers at Louis A. Vucci, P.A., injured passengers may be able to pursue compensation from the cruise lines or other parties to help cover their resulting losses. But aside from the accidents mentioned above, there are dangers on cruise ships that are not as obvious.

Dangerous Passengers
You may be safe from defects and malfunctions on the cruise ship equipment, but you are never safe from fellow cruise ship passengers who may pose a danger. It is not uncommon for assaults, and even sexual assaults, to occur on cruise ships. Other petty offenses such as theft may also occur. What makes things worse is that the offenders often remain unidentified.

Unhealthy Food and Drinks
After a lot of fun in the sun, a buffet is waiting for you inside the cruise ship. But the buffet often has food products and beverages that are high on fat, sugar, and other potentially dangerous ingredients when taken in excessive amounts. This can be particularly problematic for those who are health conscious and those that have medical conditions that require a limited diet.

Unfavorable Weather Conditions
It is all fun and games until weather conditions don’t cooperate. Rains, winds, and waves are not known to be very gentle, especially during storms. Cruise ships, in general, may have the capability to withstand these powerful elements. But they also have the tendency to shake, dangerously moving furniture and other objects that may cause injuries. Unfavorable weather conditions can also make passengers dizzy and vomit.

Sunburns are not exclusive for cruise ship passengers, as they can also be sustained by those on the beach. But it doesn’t change the fact that they can be dangerous to the skin and can cause burning and melanoma. To prevent such complications, it is best to apply sunblock.

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